Welcome to our Community Central blog.  We like to feature our communities best athletes, events and more!  These student athletes listed below are from the surrounding areas and are named weekly throughout the year in high school athletics.  The "CFAC AOTW" recieves a sweatshirt commemorating their accomplishments as well as a pizza gift card (after all what teenager doesn't love pizza).  So stop by and read our blog every once in awhile and who knows, you may just find a surprise or two!


                                                                                          WEEK 1

                                                                                                    WEEK 2

                                                                                WEEK 3

                                                                                                       WEEK 4

                                                                                                        Week 5

                                    Week 6

                                    Week 7

                                   Week 8

                                    WEEK 9

                                 WEEK 10

                                 WEEK 11